The Interns

We are honored to work with our second cohort of superb interns in 2019!

Beatrice Bugané  Fiction Intern

Beatrice Bugané
Fiction Intern

Beatrice is from Brasília, a city in Brazil that is shaped like a plane—fitting, given the many countries she’s lived in. Finding many books along her travels, fiction has provided her a sense of continuity and stability she has yet to encounter in life. A graduate of Brown University, Beatrice is now pursuing an MFA in Fiction at the University of Oregon. Her fiction has appeared in The Acentos Review. You can find her on Instagram at @bookswithbeatrice.

Maivy Bui  Visual Art Intern

Maivy Bui
Visual Art Intern

A San Jose native now living Colorado, Maivy is a student at Regis University studying biochemistry, creative writing, and visual arts. Both her artistic and writing journeys began on accident, when she enrolled either by mistake or on a whim into art and writing classes, but she soon found a love for the disciplines thereafter and couldn't turn away from them since. She enjoys writing and reading from various genres such as poetry and nonfiction, and likewise enjoys creating work in many artistic mediums, from acrylics to ceramics (but not charcoal, unfortunately; the grittiness gets under her skin). She particularly likes fantasy and magical realism in both writing and art and has a peculiar attraction to milk tea.

Emily DeMaioNewton  Poetry Intern

Emily DeMaioNewton
Poetry Intern

Emily DeMaioNewton is a queer writer whose essays and poems have appeared in the “Modern Love” column of The New York Times and Persephone’s Daughters. She graduated from Elon University where she served as editor-in-chief of the undergraduate literary and art journal, Colonnades. Following graduation, she ran off to spend a year reading, writing, and working strange jobs in New Zealand.


Ari Koontz
Creative Nonfiction Intern

Ari Koontz is a queer nonbinary writer and editor based in Providence, Rhode Island, with a degree in Creative Writing from Western Washington University. In both prose and poetry, their work reflects a lifetime of living in and journeying through different places, identities, and names—with an emphasis on finding the beauty in unfamiliar territory. Ari's writing has been published in a variety of literary publications, including Oyster River Pages and Wizards in Space Magazine, and their dream is to use words to connect people and create spaces of solace and solidarity. When they're not writing, Ari can usually be found listening to space podcasts, baking cakes, or tending their tiny garden.

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