Oyster River Pages

is the unlikely collaboration of five lovers of literature and art spread across two continents. Once upon a time, we all lived in lands shaped by the Susquehanna River, and our years there have stuck with us like silt in our swim trunks. Like the work of the nineteenth-century Impressionists (how's that for self-flattery?), ORP was born out of the frustrated conviction that too much fine work goes unseen and unrecognized. We delight in celebrating new discoveries. We want your best work, especially if it's been wandering homeless for a while.

Leaf through the Pages of our contributors. Check back weekly for their featured profiles. Take a gander at what kinds of things we love. If they resonate with you, we'd be honored to see something you love. If you are ready to join us, consider applying to our internship or making a small donation.