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Our goal is simple: To find, nurture, and celebrate beautiful and important art and literature, especially from underrepresented viewpoints. That’s why we insist on maintaining free submissions and free access. That’s why we created ORP Internships to cultivate a new generation of publishers. That’s why we launched Emerging Voices to offer individualized guidance on fresh stories. We want to be a small force for good in an unbalanced world by putting exceptional people in front of the largest possible audience.

But providing that platform isn’t free. Pinching pennies to keep the servers running inhibits our ability to realize larger goals like contributor remuneration, stipendiary internships, and services for emerging artists and writers.

When you contribute to Oyster River Pages, you become a partner in our mission for good, concretely making a way for beauty and justice where there wasn’t one before. Thank you for reading, submitting, and becoming a part of the ORP community.