Two Nights with Suzie Wong

Renee James

As soon as Jackson woke up, he knew it was going to be a bad day. His penis felt sore and there wasn't much mystery about why, only what the name of it was and how bad it was going to fuck up his life. He was hoping it was gonorrhea because that could be cured. He wasn't sure about the other stuff.

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Emily Roles Fotso

i. all the things we see when awake are death, even as all we see in slumber are sleep

It was only in his dreams that he was still. Even now, lying awake in the dusky light of the evening, eyes closed in a final attempt to fight consciousness, swirls of chaos dance across the backs of his eyelids.

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Mary E. Plouffe

She only went with the ones who didn’t look. The ones who skipped the usual foreplay dance. It was something behind their eyes that caught her. She called it consolation. She could feel it in the way they nursed their coffee, ran a finger around the cup’s edge and read the coffee grounds. She liked it best when they didn’t talk, when the simple touch she offered was taken silently, gratefully, like an exhausted child falling asleep in your arms.

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The Brief Return of Ozymandias

Kevin Elias Kaye

Mehdi was twice my age, but it only showed in his dry, cracked hands, white and chalky around the knuckles where the wrinkles cut deep and wound over the surface of his thick fingers which he slowly maneuvered around his bundle of dull, black hair, uninflected with even a single gray.

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Midnight at Red's

Chris S. Burns

It was maybe eight-thirty, just past dark. David and me heard the car coming before we saw it. It was a ‘69 Mustang, the fastback GT, solid black and all growl. It powered past us doing at least twenty over the speed limit and was already out of sight but we could still hear it slamming through gear shifts. We knew that car.

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