grandson’s wedding

Sharon Scholl

He looms above flower baskets.

bridal tulle streaming overhead,

this boy who sunk plastic boats

in my bath water

Who dispatched two mats to the washer

learning to urinate standing up

Who went shrieking through my house

on the trail of Easter eggs

Who hated school from day one

and never changed his mind

Who blocked the driveway

with his skateboard ramps

Who picked any scrap of green

veggie from his pizza

Who lavished a quart of wax

on the chrome of his first truck

Standing there with new suspenders

squeezing down his shoulders,

dragging all those worlds behind him.

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Sharon Scholl is a retired professor of humanities and world cultures who convenes a poetry critique group and is poetry coordinator for the Florida Heritage Bookfest. She has chapbooks Summer's Child and Message on a Branch in circulation. Individual poems are current in Sky Island Journal and Red Wolf. her website for poetry and music is