Los Portales

Marzelle Robertson

The courtyard of Los Portales
offered shade trees, the breath
of desert plants, the hum
of bees at the throat of flowers,
a fountain of whispers.  The room –
tiles cool to bare, sore feet,
a roof laid across log beams,
a waterfall shower, white sheets,
a meal of lamb in delicate cream
and quail in a sauce of tempered fire,
a heavy wood door to swing
closed on forged iron rings.


Marzelle Robertson, a retired English teacher and school counselor, lives in East Texas with her husband.  Her poems have appeared in numerous journals including Arts and Letters, Borderlands, Cyphers, and The Evansville Review. As for social media, I don’t participate unless you count attendance at happy hour at one of the two happy places on the square in Mt. Vernon, population roughly 2700. The attached photograph was taken in 2015 in the Guadalupe Mountains.  We were on our way to Big Bend National Park and the tiny, historic town of Marathon, where Los Portales was written.