This visual research is an attempt to examine human contribution to humanity, i.e., the role of human nature in his society on parallel with language, and display the connection of structures in society through the structures provided by language in the shape of triangle as a shape of alpha. Interest in A, not only as a letter but as a beginning, with even magical load through the symbolic use, becomes an image that depicts the alphabet of our time. The symbol is logical. The logic of the symbol is perceptive, it is achieved through connections and is expressed through the unconscious logic of man, and talks about the human experience. On one hand, it speaks for itself, on the other, for man. The power of A will show that it has its own cause and creates its own product.
Ca = Cause, Pr = Product, A = Power,
H = Man/Human condition
Ca = -Pr
Ca = H + (-А) and H + (-А) = -Pr
Ca = H – А and H – А = -Pr
H – А = - H + А
H – А + H – А = 0
2H – 2А = 0 / :2
H – А = 0
H = А

Anna Jordan